Film Safe

Case overview

In March 2020, as the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film industry faced a daunting reality. Sets were abandoned, productions halted, and the future seemed uncertain. However, in these trying times, opportunity knocked on our door. Approached by a safety manager from a film studio, our team at Cadora Design embarked on an inspiring journey to create a groundbreaking solution – FilmSafe.

The Brief

The challenge was clear and compelling: to develop a tool that could ensure the safety of film sets in the face of a global health crisis. FilmSafe was envisioned as a sophisticated visualization and data management platform, tailored for COVID supervisors and production managers. The goal was to facilitate seamless contact tracing, adaptable to film sets of any scale, ensuring the continuity of cinematic creativity in the safest possible environment.

Our Approach

In developing FilmSafe, our team at Cadora Design focused on creating a suite of powerful, user-friendly features, all while maintaining our core ethos of sleek and intuitive design. Our small yet highly skilled team, consisting of one project manager/UX designer, one business analyst, three developers, and in close collaboration with our client, successfully implemented the following key features:

1. Intuitive Scheduling via a Web Dashboard Interface: Our web dashboard was the cornerstone of FilmSafe. It provided an intuitive interface for scheduling, making it simple for production managers to organize and oversee film set operations. The design was both visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring that managing complex schedules became a streamlined and efficient process.

2. Automated Email Alerts for Test Attendance: We integrated a system that automatically sent email notifications to users, reminding them to attend COVID-19 tests. This feature was crucial in maintaining health safety standards on set, ensuring that no test appointments were missed.

3. Daily Health Declarations with Mobile Accessibility: Each day, users received an email prompting them to fill out a health declaration form directly from their phones. Upon submission, the data was transformed into a grid of red and green squares visible to supervisors. This innovative feature allowed for a quick overview of turnout and infection rates, enabling immediate response to any health concerns.

4. Quick and Easy Scanning through QR Codes: To streamline the process of check-ins and data collection, we implemented QR code scanning. This allowed for fast and efficient tracking of personnel movements and interactions on set, significantly enhancing the contact tracing process.

5. Contact Tracing Visualizations and Testing Management: FilmSafe featured advanced visualizations for contact tracing, providing a clear and comprehensive view of potential exposure risks. Additionally, the tool included a robust testing management and accounting system, ensuring that all health data was accurately tracked and easily accessible.

6. Fully-Featured Solution Managed by a Compact Team: Despite the complexity and scale of the project, our small team effectively managed the entire development and implementation process. This feat highlighted our ability to work cohesively, adaptively, and with a high degree of innovation, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Through these features, FilmSafe became more than just a tool; it was a beacon of hope and resilience for the film industry during one of its most challenging periods. Our approach at Cadora Design was not only about creating a functional product but about crafting an experience that empowered and reassured our clients in uncertain times. FilmSafe stands as a testament to our team’s ability to deliver fully-featured, trend-setting solutions, embodying the spirit of ‘Sleek, Chic, and Slightly Geek’.

The Results

The impact of FilmSafe was profound and far-reaching. Dozens of film studios worldwide adopted our solution, gaining renewed confidence to resume production amidst a pandemic. The user-centric design of FilmSafe provided a clear and efficient interface for managing safety protocols and contact tracing, revolutionizing the way film sets operated during these challenging times. Our efforts even garnered interest from giants like Netflix and Amazon, a testament to our solution’s effectiveness and appeal.

The journey culminated with the sale of FilmSafe to the very safety supervisor who inspired its inception, a fitting close to a chapter that saw us pivot our skills to meet an urgent global need. As we at Cadora Design moved on to new ventures, FilmSafe stood as a beacon of our ability to innovate, adapt, and make a tangible difference in the world.


Hours saved per week for COVID safety team


Cost savings versus previous manual solution


Film studios running on schedule