90s Baby Vintage

Case overview

90s Baby Vintage, a brand oozing with nostalgic charm, had found its early success on the Depop platform. As their collection of iconic vintage pieces garnered more attention and traction, the brand felt the constraints of the platform. Their vision was to scale and provide an enhanced user experience, one that couldn’t be fully realised within the confines of Depop. They approached us with a challenge: to transition their thriving Depop store to a standalone Shopify platform without losing their unique essence or loyal customer base.

Our Approach

Understanding the brand’s deep connection to the 90s era was crucial. Our design team worked closely with 90s Vintage Baby to curate a website design that would echo the nostalgic vibe of the products while ensuring a smooth browsing and checkout experience.

We laid out a step-by-step migration plan to ensure data integrity. This meant meticulous mapping from the Depop platform to Shopify, ensuring every product detail was perfectly transitioned.

Knowing the importance of organic traffic for businesses like 90s Vintage Baby, our team ensured that SEO best practices were at the forefront of the new website’s design. This included optimising product listings and integrating lazy loading to guarantee lightning fast loading speeds.

The Results

The transition was smooth, with no loss of data. The newly designed Shopify store was not only a visual delight but also brought about tangible results:

  • An increase in the average time spent by users on the site, indicating a more engaging user experience.
  • Improved organic search rankings due to the SEO enhancements.
  • A boost in sales figures, credited to the easier navigation and more efficient checkout process of the Shopify platform.
  • Positive feedback from the community, appreciating the brand’s evolution while staying true to its roots.