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Branding is an artform. From exciting print designs to a compelling visual identity, we recognise the need for each touchpoint to be crafted with purpose. Whether you’re in need of a timeless logo or a holistic brand narrative, our creative expertise ensures your business doesn’t merely exist but thrives. Experience the convergence of design and emotion, where your brand’s story is vividly brought to life.


At Cadora Design, we perceive branding as a rich ecosystem. Every element, from logos to color palettes, intertwines to create a cohesive and powerful brand narrative. Our designs aren't just individual pieces; they form an interconnected tapestry that amplifies your brand's voice.


For us, design transcends mere visuals; it's a form of art. Every project is approached with the meticulousness of a painter and the vision of a sculptor. We ensure that the essence of your brand is captured, celebrated, and showcased in every stroke and pixel.


In the ever-changing world of design, we prioritize creating visuals that endure. By blending contemporary techniques with classic aesthetics, we craft branding elements that not only resonate today but remain impactful and relevant tomorrow.


Each brand is unique. Our adaptability ensures that whether your story is one of elegance, innovation, tradition, or revolution, it's captured with authenticity. At Cadora Design, we mold our expertise around your brand's individuality, ensuring a custom-fit visual narrative every time.

What we do

Visual Identity

Using Figma, we craft your brand's visual story. Beginning with mood boards, we pinpoint what truly defines you. We select colors and design elements that resonate with your brand. If required, we refresh your logo to fit this new identity. Our goal? A clear, compelling visual brand that speaks to your ideal customer.

Logo Design

A logo is more than a symbol; it's the face of your brand, the visual cue that evokes emotions and memories. Whether you're starting fresh or reimagining an existing design, our team is ready to craft a logo that becomes synonymous with your brand's identity, something that is not only visually captivating but also deeply meaningful and timeless.

Print Design

In a digital age, tangible brand touchpoints still hold immense power. From business cards that make a lasting first impression, to brochures that tell your brand story, our print designs seamlessly bridge the physical and digital realms of your brand. Let's make every touchpoint memorable.

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