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Case overview

In an era where digital products are redefining the norms of commerce, stood as a testament to the potential of online entrepreneurship. Offering a diverse range of digital products, the brand had established itself as a niche platform for a growing audience. However, while the business was booming, the platform on which it rested wasn’t quite hitting the right note.

The founder approached us with a clear challenge: the Yola eCommerce platform, although functional, lacked the flexibility and advanced features his rapidly growing business required. Moreover, the business model had evolved. Beyond just selling digital products, it now involved a network of creators who contributed to the platform, adding layers of complexity in terms of commission payouts and partnership structures.

The goal was clear – to migrate and transform the existing platform into a robust, flexible, and feature-rich environment that not only met the current demands but also future-proofed the business for subsequent growth. The journey that followed was a blend of innovation, customization, and a deep understanding of’s unique business model.

The Brief

Sheldon, the owner of, approached us with a clear vision. He sought a seamless migration to Shopify with enhanced features tailored to his business of selling digital products. Key requirements included the integration of a downloadable files plugin, a bespoke commission calculation system for his network of creators, and a comprehensive training so Sheldon could independently manage the platform. The underlying challenge was ensuring a smooth domain transition without disrupting existing operations and enhancing the design of the original site. Sheldon also mentioned that while we were at it, it would be good if we could take a peak at the logo and brand design and see if we could tweak it slightly to make it more in line with his lofty ambitions.

Our Approach

Understanding Sheldon’s vision for was paramount. We initiated our collaboration with an emphasis on open communication, ensuring Sheldon’s needs and expectations were continually addressed throughout the process. Our crafted proposal presented a structured five-week timeline, breaking down each pivotal phase, from initial setup and design ideation to domain switchover and final training. This comprehensive plan served as our roadmap, guiding each decision and action. Our team’s unwavering dedication to our craft was evident as we seamlessly integrated custom solutions, such as the specialized commission calculation system, while ensuring the user experience remained impeccable. This structured, communicative, and passionate approach guaranteed that the project not only met but exceeded the expectations set in our brief.

The Results

Upon the project’s completion, was transformed from a rudimentary Yola storefront into a sophisticated, user-friendly Shopify platform tailored to Sheldon’s unique business model. The website’s enhanced functionalities, including a custom commission calculation system, streamlined the process of paying out to the network of creators. Moreover, the integration of a digital track management system allowed for efficient categorization, tagging, and uploading, enhancing the user experience for both Sheldon and his customers. With the new logo, we aimed to capture this new modern, streamlined feel to the brand.

Post-launch, the site witnessed improved traffic, reduced bounce rates, and an uptick in sales, reflecting the benefits of the intuitive design and user-centric features. Furthermore, the training provided ensured Sheldon was well-equipped to manage the platform independently, emphasizing our commitment to empowering our clients. Overall, the revamped became a testament to how a well-executed digital transformation can significantly boost a business’s online performance and revenue streams.


Average conversion rate


Increase in average order value

5+ hours

Saved per week